Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mesa Stamp

It's been a long time. I finally came up with the design for the next stamp on the wall, which of course had to be from where I live now. When you sit in the back of my house there is a large beautiful Palo Verde that arches over the yard, and during the spring there are brilliant yellow blossoms that fall like snow for weeks at a time.  That Palo Verde has become the centerpiece or if not the hearth of the entire home.  When I think of it I think of the memories that Adam and I have built in this house and the future memories that we will have. So, it immediately came to mind when I thought of what should I do for Mesa.  One critical element of the tree is the life that it fosters. There are constantly birds in the tree from verdins to hummingbirds to towhees to woodpeckers; I even see the little lizards running around on the walls.  That life is why I put in the hummingbird feeder.

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