Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Journal... The Tea Journal!

I felt like mixing things up, so I after brewing tea, I dump the leaves over a page spread and let it dry overnight.  I am using all sorts of teas from Reds to Blacks to Herbals and more.  Each one has its own interesting pattern.  Because of this, I am not necessarily going through the pages in order because some situations would call better for robust patterns and others not.  It's an experiment!

The first image was from Renee's fabulous collection in Bisbee way back in October.  I just emailed her for ghost story recommendations, and understandably so she recommended her own book.  I just ordered it on Amazon!  The prosthetics were fascinating with rich, beautiful colors and a variety of textures.  It made me want to sketch more "aged" materials because as I drew them, I wondered about their backstory.  Who wore these?

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