Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pastel sketch of woman and dik dik

Another NatGeo picture!  This time I used gray scale pastels, which compared to charcoals I really didn't like.  Far less freedom!  The spirit in this one is more restricted and less effortless.  I like the hands on this one, but don't like the transparency of the white fabric.  I also made her face wider again - I wonder why that keeps happening?  The sketchiness of dik dik (I think that's the type of animal) makes me smile.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toledo Senora

There is a fabulous website that really gets me itching to draw, and I finally had the time to do it!  It pulls up cool old National Geographic photos.  I sketched this photo of a woman in Toledo in 1924 in about two hours.

Things I like:
- Textural editing - I am trying to learn where to add my own artistic decisions such as the texture I gave the sleeves.
- The facial expression was one of my better attempts.  Still working on that topic!
- The mix of soft and hard edges (like from main dress to the detailing)

Things I need to work on:
- Her face was too round in the end.
- Consistent lines where needed (like in the fan).
- Hands.  Ugh.