Sunday, August 10, 2014

Backyard Bluegrass

Still posting some old sketches.  This is was a lovely night where I got to hand out in my friend's backyard and listen to live bluegrass.  It does not get much better!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mesa Stamp

It's been a long time. I finally came up with the design for the next stamp on the wall, which of course had to be from where I live now. When you sit in the back of my house there is a large beautiful Palo Verde that arches over the yard, and during the spring there are brilliant yellow blossoms that fall like snow for weeks at a time.  That Palo Verde has become the centerpiece or if not the hearth of the entire home.  When I think of it I think of the memories that Adam and I have built in this house and the future memories that we will have. So, it immediately came to mind when I thought of what should I do for Mesa.  One critical element of the tree is the life that it fosters. There are constantly birds in the tree from verdins to hummingbirds to towhees to woodpeckers; I even see the little lizards running around on the walls.  That life is why I put in the hummingbird feeder.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Matt's Birthday Drawing

Matt's spirit animal is a babboon.  He also likes to hold his cat up like Rafiki in Lion King.  Hence his birthday drawing.  This drawing is both disturbing and delightful for me.  It was an example of a specific image I had to "draw out" for pure entertainment if nothing else!  I love having kooky friends.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Skills Exchange!

My friend taught me some tribal belly dancing skills, and I showed her some drawing stuff!  Everyone wins!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Stilt Lady at Dia de los Muertos

Downtown Mesa has the most surprisingly awesome events.  I've tried to go to some at other locations (like the Chandler BBQ festival), and they were just plain unpleasant.  I'll admit I used to have low expectations for Mesa events, but they have all been fantastic.  Clean, organized, and filled with little surprises!  Like this awesome stilt woman from Circus Americana!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Journal... The Tea Journal!

I felt like mixing things up, so I after brewing tea, I dump the leaves over a page spread and let it dry overnight.  I am using all sorts of teas from Reds to Blacks to Herbals and more.  Each one has its own interesting pattern.  Because of this, I am not necessarily going through the pages in order because some situations would call better for robust patterns and others not.  It's an experiment!

The first image was from Renee's fabulous collection in Bisbee way back in October.  I just emailed her for ghost story recommendations, and understandably so she recommended her own book.  I just ordered it on Amazon!  The prosthetics were fascinating with rich, beautiful colors and a variety of textures.  It made me want to sketch more "aged" materials because as I drew them, I wondered about their backstory.  Who wore these?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling had a big impact on me when growing up.  When I was little I would read and reread the Just So Stories like chocolates.  Then, when I was in college, I picked up The Light that Failed, and it taught me several lessons about determination, ways one can live, and the need to appreciate the gifts we have.  In appreciation, I drew him as one of my Valentine series (2014).  I am still in pursuit of a style, and I adore patterns, ink, watercolors, and chaos.  I have not figured out how to incorporate the last characteristic!  I would love to mash together Mucha and Steadman art to create something different.  The four authors I did each helped me continue growing in drawing the oh so challenging face.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pastel sketch of woman and dik dik

Another NatGeo picture!  This time I used gray scale pastels, which compared to charcoals I really didn't like.  Far less freedom!  The spirit in this one is more restricted and less effortless.  I like the hands on this one, but don't like the transparency of the white fabric.  I also made her face wider again - I wonder why that keeps happening?  The sketchiness of dik dik (I think that's the type of animal) makes me smile.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Toledo Senora

There is a fabulous website that really gets me itching to draw, and I finally had the time to do it!  It pulls up cool old National Geographic photos.  I sketched this photo of a woman in Toledo in 1924 in about two hours.

Things I like:
- Textural editing - I am trying to learn where to add my own artistic decisions such as the texture I gave the sleeves.
- The facial expression was one of my better attempts.  Still working on that topic!
- The mix of soft and hard edges (like from main dress to the detailing)

Things I need to work on:
- Her face was too round in the end.
- Consistent lines where needed (like in the fan).
- Hands.  Ugh.