Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer Vacation

My travels this summer took me home to Reno for the Fourth of July, to San Francisco with one of the coolest kids on the block (and her cat Taco), and to Monterey for some ocean meditation.  I got quite a few sketches in!  The scanning quality is quite poor - especially with color.  The last one had a very clear blue double border all around, which is nearly gone.  Urg.  What's the point of working on my Balclutha skin tones if they bleach out?  

Fireworks at the Nugget after watching Despicable Me 2

The funky-cute overnight outside of San Francisco.

The awesome singing of everyone on the Balclutha.  People took turns and everyone learned the chorus quickly and joined in.  Nothing like hanging out on a tall ship at night with cider.  Signatures were of some of the people that lead a song.

Watched the SF Symphony in the park for free (with suggested donations).  The guy I gave to donation to said, "Donations make you 50% more sexy!"  I responded with a donation and, "I'll take that 50%!"  To which he said, "Girl, you don't need it!"  And then he gave me a giant SF hug.

And, of course, my Disneyland is the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The Weedy Seadragon is one of my new favorite animals.

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  1. Loved having you, now it's our turn to visit you. As for the color, don't get me started! They all look everyone but the artist!