Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Other ancient dudes and an ancient dog!

Here are the last three!

Augustus Caesar says, "Try the bacon cheeseburger!"

Ovid says, "I'm trying to eat healthier.  You'd think these robes would hide fat, but they don't."

She-Wolf says,"Awoooo?" (Translation: Can I eat it?)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ms. Sherman's Ancient Dudes

Tracey asked me to draw sketches of these guys forever ago!  I know I work at a school that is classical, but I was having some serious Bill and Ted flashbacks (So-crates anyone?).  Hence all the "dudes."  I have three more to do, but here are the first three...
Cicero says, "What was in my dinner?!"

Gnacchi Brothers say, "Duuuuuuude..." and "Dude!"

Julius Caesar says, "Why hello..."

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Nevada Stamp

Thirteen more to go on the wall!

I have never been to another state with as amazing clouds as Nevada.  All sorts.  It was one of the best parts of being an outdoor lifeguard at Oppio pool.  This particular cumulonimbus incus arose above Reno while I was in my sister's backyard (the Tappan house).  I wanted to keep in style with vintage posters initially, but I enjoyed the painting process and let that take over after the starting sketch.