Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Stamp!

Huzzah! Finally someone to join Antisana. This time the inspiration source was Copán in Honduras. Adam was in Honduras for years for research and the Peace Corps. He was out there starting in 2000 (hence the stamp price). This is 18-Rabbit (or Uaxaclajuun Ub'aah K'awiil). He was one of the Mayan leaders in that region. I remember seeing him in the ruins - he was a big patron of the arts in a way. I took the basic image from Altar Q, which was this really neat altar that had the great Mayan leaders lined up next to each other. I had a really fun time researching and designing the color scheme for this one. My paint palette is very fun and messy after this one! It has more of a stampy vibe, though much smaller, and will add realism to my postage wall.


  1. i love the back-story...and how his foot crosses over the frame :)

  2. This is both fun and meaningful-great!
    The colorful sections/segments remind me of legos.
    How many stamps do you envision as your goal?