Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bird Mail!

So John Muir Laws is amazing.  Finally, a drawing book that cuts out the repetitive unnecessary and adds in the little key tidbits that normally you have to bang your head against a wall to get.  Oh wait, that's what I have been doing!  Some tips he has took me years to figure out.  There definitely is an advantage to working it out on your own, but I sure would have wanted some of these tips at the beginning! 

Playing with his strategy for drawing birds, I made these three postcards below.  I referenced pictures I found online.  One tool he uses that I have not really embraced is the water soluble pencil.  I went to the art supply store and picked out pencils from three brands to test out.  I personally enjoy the Faber Castell the most (4B), which was used in the chickadee below. 


  1. How much do I love my little Chickadee?! Oh, and her paintings are awesome!

  2. they look great! i read about this place on the plane yesterday and immediately thought of you. have you been there? sounds right up your alley! let me know when you're in reno and wanna get together! squee!!