Sunday, December 16, 2012

I don't have to worry about this in AZ...

An amazing watercolorist's dilemma

Too funny not to share.

Bird Mail!

So John Muir Laws is amazing.  Finally, a drawing book that cuts out the repetitive unnecessary and adds in the little key tidbits that normally you have to bang your head against a wall to get.  Oh wait, that's what I have been doing!  Some tips he has took me years to figure out.  There definitely is an advantage to working it out on your own, but I sure would have wanted some of these tips at the beginning! 

Playing with his strategy for drawing birds, I made these three postcards below.  I referenced pictures I found online.  One tool he uses that I have not really embraced is the water soluble pencil.  I went to the art supply store and picked out pencils from three brands to test out.  I personally enjoy the Faber Castell the most (4B), which was used in the chickadee below.