Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26: North and South

Today we jumped hemispheres! Our taxi driver stopped at the equator for us on the way to our next destination. He showed us some neat tricks that I wouldn't believe if I weren't there. For instance, when on the equator line, if you make a circle with your thumb and pointer finger, someone else can pull them apart super easy! Off the equator line, you can hold those fingers together. We thought it was just the demonstrator, but Adam, Julia, and I all tested each other - so true!

The organization that runs the equator also wanted to change the orientation of maps so that the equator runs vertically. In other words, the west side would be on top - weird.

After standing on El Mitad del Mundo, we made our way to Hacienda Cusin. An hacienda near Otavalo built in 1602. An Englishman owns it now and filled the place with beautiful gardens. We started off in a small room, but they ended up moving us to a larger room with a loft and a fireplace. Swanky! We stayed an extra night since we were so relaxed there.

20110708-120.jpg by melbergink
20110708-120.jpg, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

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