Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 23: Last Day at Jatun Sacha

Since there were too many volunteers (sudden influx), we stayed for kitchen duty help. In other words, squeezing vast quantities of fruit! This picture is not the best, but it captures Iris, Kathrin, and Julia. They were so wonderful to volunteer with. I may have gone insane with some of the volunteers, but K, I, and J were my sanity and fun!

Tomorrow would be our flight early in the morning, so I had only one more page to capture the essence of Jatun Sacha - the BATHROOM! (Of which I had become very familiar with...) For some reason I felt the need to paint this only in B&W. To make it more film noir-esque?

Kathrin, Iris, Julia by melbergink
Kathrin, Iris, Julia, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

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