Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 21: Last Day in the Port

After this, a few days in Jatun Sacha, and then we would fly out. Crazy. Everything happened so fast!

After a four-day trip and nearly three weeks of being surrounded by people, Julia and I were ready for quiet time. We just wanted to read on the beach and relax. Everywhere we went though we were followed by some volunteers that could not stop talking. It was incredibly annoying! We tried to give hints and tried to lose them, but gabber gabber gabber! It got to the point that I said, "Look, Julia and I are going into this restaurant to read quietly at the table. You may join us if you want to read quietly, too. If you come and talk, I will give you dirty glares."

We were free for about ten minutes. Then they came into the restaurant and sat at the table next to us! Gabber gabber gabber! The restaurant was empty! They could have sat anywhere. Julia and I were not content. Some people are quite oblivious...

Besides that, saw some more adorable sea lions! Kisses!

Aaaaa-dorable! by melbergink
Aaaaa-dorable!, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

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