Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 16: Four-Day Trip Commence!

Green Shirts! by melbergink
Green Shirts!, a photo by melbergink on Flickr. Left to Right (back): Anna, Katie, Killian, Lena, Julia, Me, Becky, Mateo (front) Iris, Jack, Kathrin

Most people went through SharkSky to get boat trips, but we were recommended to a small company run by an older Ecuadorian very fond of short shorts. It was like switching from “The Man” to that dude that lives around the corner. While slightly sketchy, I felt good about it. SharkSky rubbed me the wrong way.

Once we got our tickets (last week), the boss (with the short shorts and a huge smile) said he had presents for us. He pulled out a pile of neon green shirts with incredibly tacky Galapagos designs. Most were blatantly photoshopped images. They were the types of shirts that you see people wear and as you pass them you wonder how people BUY that stuff. Well, the boss was so adorably excited for us to have them that you couldn’t help being a little excited to be that tacky tourist. The neon green had a function too because he used it to corral us all on the first morning on the pier. We were required to wear them on the first day - pretty smart way to identify all of his customers to be directed onto the boat!

Any way, today was BIG. I learned some unpleasant things, like my abysmally bad sea sickness, but also I had my favorite moment of the entire trip – my first REAL swim with the sea lions. I’ve snorkeled with them so far, but I just was watching and they just checked us out and moved on.Today there was a secluded cove area without many of the snorkelers, and this time I played with the sea lions; I mimicked their loops, and they mimicked mine. Once I started interacting with them, it was like they woke up – “Hey! This one wants to PLAY!” At one point one of los lobos and I were moving underwater parallel to each other at a decent pace. His face was less than two feet from mine, and even though we were both swimming, we did not move in relation to each other. We just gazed into each other’s eyes. Amazing.

I’m typing this up in a still wet swimsuit since I just got back from MAC practice (Mesa Aquatics Club). Los lobos inspired and reminded me of my love of water and play. I will be forever thankful to them for sharing their bright spirits.


  1. Your drawing looks like ribbon, wrapping a gift from the sea. I love it.

  2. It doesn't matter what you post from this point forward. This is my all-time favorite journal entry.

  3. p.s. this is my favoritist post thus far, but I didn't cheat and look ahead, like someone else I know :D


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