Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Galapagos Post #4 (The Last)

Waaaah! I am sitting in the internet cafe counting down the two hours before we leave the Galapagos. It is so strange how quickly this place became home. San Cristobal specifically. If there were island sports teams, I would wear San Cristobal's jersey with pride. The other islands were amazing, but I loving this little island of fishermen and volunteers.

It is also amazing how close you get with people that you only know for three weeks. A few individuals were especially hard to leave. Vivacious and compassionate people! There were quite a few people that rubbed me the wrong way, but that provided entertainment.

What happened this week? What every true travel should experience - a gastrointestinal explosion! Not pleasant, but I would rather have that than be seasick again. At least my head is not being whacked across the deck! I basically curled up under the mosquito net for 24 hours with occasional bolts to the bathroom (crawl down the top bunk, hobble down the stairs, skitter through the woods to the shack). At least I got sick at the station where I could recuperate peacefully. A lot of volunteers got sick on the four day tour. I felt so bad for them! I had it easy.

I got one of the best compliments yesterday! One of the volunteers, besides wanting a picture to remember Julia and I, said she needed a picture of me because I look just like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. She wanted proof with a pic. :)

Okay, off to have my last San Cristobal batido while watching lobos marinos (sea lions). Then to see my wonderful husband in Quito and begin the next phase of our journey!


  1. Geez, you really take this tourist stuff seriously! At least you hurled yourself clean before the gastro explosion! Enjoy your reunion with the hub. "Melanie and Adam, sitting in a (airport?) k.i.s.s.i.n.g!" Good times!

  2. Explosions-oh my. Good times and not so good times!
    "The hills are alive with the sound of...Melanie"-do a little twirl.
    Happy trails to you and Adam!


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