Saturday, July 2, 2011

Galapagos post #3

I feel like I am swaying at the computer right now! Just finished a four day tour to see Isabela, Floreana, and Santa Cruz. Isabela was by far my favorite, but I am oddly glad to be home at San Cristobal. By now I feel like it is "my" island. I know where to eat, where to sleep, etc. Jatun Sacha volunteers are everywhere, so there are always friendly faces. It is so small that you are not nervous walking around (but I am still traveling smart and safely!). Once I get back, I am going to scan all of my journal pages in to give you a much better understanding of what's been happening. My favorite moment from the tour was visiting a small islet off of Isabela named after the white-tipped sharks that you can see right off the shore. The island has no snakes, so it is where all the baby marine iguanas are - hundreds of them! I also saw the Galapagos penguin and wild flamingos. Way pinker than the zoo ones!

Over the last four days, over 10 hours were on a boat. Turns out, I get really sea sick. I wanted to shoot myself. Tried a different type of pill each time and on the last trip finally found something that worked. Ugh. Boats are for reading about only. Lost my sunglasses in one hurling event.

Probably my favorite part of this whole trip so far was swimming with the sea lions again. This time there were three, and I actually swam with them instead of watched. I twisted and curled around them. Snorkeling was limiting me to the surface, and I suddenly remembered how I am a water baby and am more comfortable in water than on land. Got rid of the snorkel tube and when to diving and leaping, it was like dancing. Constant eye contact. It was like the sea lions were happy to have someone to play with instead of just watching them!

After this weekend, where I'll let my body recuperate from the boats, we only have two more days at Jatun Sacha fighting evil mora (invasive blackberry). Then back to the mainland to see what Adam has planned for us!


  1. How cool that you're volunteering in the Galapagos!Isn't it an incredibly interesting place? I sympathize with you on the sea-sickness.When I was there, the ship did most of its cruising between islands while we were asleep which helped a lot, and I tried hard to never let the motion sickness med wear off. Our last night, when the engines started up at 9 PM for some reason was brutal--almost everyone lost the dinner and cake they served for supper!I'll have to look at your blog more often to see what you're up to!

    I was supposed to be leaving for Brazil to meet the family of a HS exchange student I hosted this spring but have run into a glitch with getting a tourist visa that I didn't know I needed until Thursday, have to rush the visa and postpone the departure (at great expense). So much for traveling cheap!

    Felipe lives near an Everglades-like area called the Pantanal which is compared to the Serengeti for the tremendous amount of wildlife to be seen there. It will be worth the money and the wait I'm sure.

    Hope you don't have any unforeseen glitches in your travels and enjoy a great July 4th holiday!

  2. I wish there was a video of you dancing with sea lions! Can't wait to see your journal. Seasickness :p

  3. Oh, I am turning green* just reading this!(*That would be 1. because I get seasick also, and 2. seriously, dancing with sea lions!?)

  4. Happy Independence Day, Chickadee, MY LITTLE HUMAN SPARKLER!

  5. Jane - I just met a guy that travels to the Pantanal annually! He said it's amazing with animals everywhere. He recommends it far over the Amazon even. Have fun! Say hi to an anteater if you find one. :)


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