Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 7: Escape to Kicker Rock

Kicker Rock by melbergink
Kicker Rock, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

Today Julia and I took a day trip with Chalo Tours to Kicker Rock and Los Lobos island for snorkeling fun. We snorkeled in between those two giants rocks - what a crazy channel! While we did not see any hammerheads (no one did the weeks we were there), Galapagos sharks checked us out and immediately decided we were boring. Better that then edible!

Los Lobos had marine iguanas and one was nomming underwater. Beautiful and graceful - one of the highlights of the trip. On Kicker Rock there is ONE marine iguana the guides all call Georgina. She looked quite empowered actually!

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  1. This photo keeps drawing me back. So serene. So beautifully composed. It feels almost 3D.


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