Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 5: Friday = Head to the Ports!

Friday’s work was quite simple; we filled little bags with dirt (see yesterday’s illustration as an example). Jatun Sacha took us to Puerto Chino for the afternoon, which was a lovely beach that started out rainy. The clouds cleared soon, and we enjoyed floating on the waves. It was a day of firsts for a lot of the animals. While body surfing waves, I saw my first blue-footed boobies diving for tasty fish. I was so excited that I kept screaming – “BOOBIES!” in 100% earnestness. Considering that my companions were on average 19 yrs old and not there for specifics on the biological organisms in the archipelago, they just thought I was strange (in an adorable Biology teacher sense).

Puerto Chino was just a beach, but later we went to the little fishing town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Note: spelled incorrectly in the journal). They had tourism too, but nothing like Santa Cruz’s city. There I got to see los lobos marinos (sea lions), a marine iguana, and all sorts of frigatebirds and pelicans. The port is where we spent each weekend because no one stays at the site on the weekend. The hostels were not fabulous, but there was a lot more to do at the port than the station and a lot less mosquitoes!

The sea lions were like bison at Yellowstone. Everywhere. As you can see in the Flickr photos. They were adorable and smelly.

Pelly Preen by melbergink
Pelly Preen, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

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