Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 4: The Work Begins

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Today we started working by helping out the National Park. More often than not, we stayed at the site for work, but some days we hopped into the truck and barreled down to the National Park nursery. We moved plants, pulled weeds, packed soil – basically whatever they pointed and told us to do. Actually, with rough Spanish comprehension, it was more of a miming of the task. Comical and sad! I also had a splitting migraine that day, which made me very nervous. Would I have one every day? What triggered it? I’m not stressed. Plenty of water drinking. Gah! Plus, I did not bring Excedrin migraine with me on the trip – what was I thinking?? I used some

pathetically wimpy ibuprofens that did not help. I did not want to seem week and cranky on my first day on the job.

After the manual labor, we got to visit the tortoise breeding center right across the street. Another perk of being a Jatun Sacha volunteer. Fortunately I got to see another breeding center later without my head throbbing. The migraine did go away and it was weeks before another hit. Yay!

A note on machetes – another group of volunteers used them today, but I don’t think I have other pictures of them. Machetes were a regular tool throughout the volunteership. Sort of like a stapler at the office. On that first ride they were quite shocking to see, even if wedging them under the tire prevented them from accidentally wedging into someone’s calf. After the first time seeing them around, machetes were totally normal.

How cool is that!

Machetes by melbergink
Machetes, a photo by melbergink on Flickr.

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  1. machetes=brain boing: Sound of Music to Pirates of the Caribbean
    -er Galapagos.


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