Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 1

Click the image to see a larger version. I'll also be posting all journal pages in a Flickr set. I WILL NOT DIGITALLY EDIT ANY JOURNAL PAGES. I will tweak the color so it is as close to the original as possible, but any mistakes, errors, etc. will be left as is.

First day of the journey - mostly traveling. We did not get in until verrrry late that night! I brought my Pentel pocket brush, but changes in altitude made it temperamental. It was smudging/exploding randomly, so I decided to shelve it for the trip. Also, after this page I decided that I need to start thinking about layout. In general, all future pages are either horizontal or vertical, not a mix like this one. No pictures today, but tomorrow was the first day in Quito, so pictures will be coming manana.

I need to go back to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to see if that magically named tea really exists, or if it was just a special day!
Added note: I went to Coffee Bean's website and found Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea listed, but when you click on the link, it goes to a File 404. Magical mystery continued!


  1. That dragon is smokin'! Is that your original or what was on the bag????

  2. I was just given that awesome name. She is what popped in my head.


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