Sunday, May 8, 2011

Picture Dump!

It's been over A MONTH? No excuses Ms. Narish! I actually have done some artsy things. My sweet man got me some new watercolors to play with, and I made a new more "up-scale" travel kit that I will unveil later. The only thing I'd like to edit is the carrier. A purse or generic bag does not cut it. You know what I want? A fly-fisherman's creel. How cool would that be to carry watercolor stuff? I just don't know where to get one or if my new palette would even fit in!

As a default, I still rely on my trusty travel kit, and to get a fresh start, I am going to show a lot of missed postings. Some are even from Christmas in WI. The last one was in the backseat of a moving car. Unfortunately the scan washed out some of the more interesting grays. I've noticed my scans lose a lot of the original picture. Tips anyone?

Catch up and mustard day!


  1. "Catch up and mustard day!" LOL.

  2. I find that I get better pictures with my camera than with a scanner... macro setting. Also I will try to edit the computer photo in picasa to recapture the proper tones and contrasts of the artwork in poerson, if needed. All you need is a good clean light source (outside in the sun works too) and a steady hand, or tripod.. and a good point and shoot camera or better. Enjoying your blog, found through facebooks 'Artist's Journal Workshop'