Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long time, no post!

So I am buying a new scanner today. I know the combo printer/scanner/copiers are a pain, but now both the printer AND scanner are busted, so we are getting another combo to help with the expense factor. Today we also have to purchase a bed for Adam's family that is coming into town! Something we need to do anyway.

Anyway, the last scan of this printer is my first acrylic painting. The reference was a picture from the internet of a stack of books. I used only orange, black, and white acrylic paints and some very battered brushes. I learned A LOT from this process thanks to Neil! I had never even heard of priming a canvas (I'm a doodler! That is hard core!). The vertical lines are the goodbye message from my scanner - adios!


  1. Amazing! You are SO talented!

  2. wish I could think of an artsy "wow" word! how big is your canvas?

  3. I am coming to Mesa to see this in person. Best to check my luggage when I leave.