Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sketchy Doodle and Sketch Crawl

I've gone out for two more events with Sketchy Doodle. It's nice to mingle with other doodlers and fun to chat with people that are new. The first is a "Drink and Draw," which was more like an "Eat and Draw" with cheese steak and peanuts. The second was my first Sketch Crawl! Hurrah! I've read about these so often, and did not really understand what they were. Basically, a date is given on and artists all around coalesce to a location (decided by someone with assertiveness). Then people draw and share their sketches. The valley artists met at Talking Stick Casino. Because I grew up in Sparks NV (near Reno), casinos are pretty bland and ordinary to me. I was shocked when I moved out of the state and the constant din of slot machines weren't in grocery stores. Anyway, I'll admit that the location was not of interest to me, but I made it a mission to find some interesting angle that did not scream casino. There was a neat chair set up with a curved patio that opened up onto saguaros and a cool outdoor hanging light with a backdrop of sandstone tiles on the building behind it. I cozied up and sketched with holiday Peet's Tea from the little coffee shop (with uber nice baristas! Though the guy dropped a pile of plates - bummer!) and listened to Speaking of Faith on my iPod. Later the sketchers shared their drawings and had lunch. They were all so nice - what a success!


  1. Hee Hee. Peanut gallery self portrait. Hee.

  2. I absolutely love your sketches! So nice to have lunch with you and get to know ya. :)

  3. Hey Mel!
    I Love this idea. And I love your art.
    also I discovered "Speaking of Faith" while working in Oregon this past summer. I havent found it here yet but it is an amazing radio show. Thanks for reminding me also about how valuable The SUn is. I hadn'e read it for a while but appreciate the memory stimulation. Now I will find it online too!