Monday, January 3, 2011

My first tutorial: Postage Bracelet

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I recently came to having loads of ancient stamps that the previous owners don't mind me crafting with. Yes, maybe one of them would be worth thousands of dollars and covering it with Mod Podge will destroy that (as seen with new fancy vanishes that produce hilarious "noooo!" faces on Antiques Roadshow). Ah well. I like the images and colors on the stamps more than cataloging them.

The neurotic individual in me is slowly dividing all of the stamps into color piles. There are a helluva lot of stamps. While going through them, I picked out some nature/organism stamps. These are surprisingly difficult to find! The vast majority have some dead guys head or a large number.

To make this bracelet:

1. Find stamps. I am a biology dork. Things with cells rule (not prison cells).

2. Glue stamps onto card stock using Aleene's Tacky Glue. I do this so the stamps don't buckle. In fact, I didn't do this for the red Kiwi stamp, and it buckled AND became translucent in parts. Boo. (Note: Can't see it in picture - haha)

3. Once dried, cut them up into squares to fit in the bracelet and set the stamps into the "frames." This bracelet's company is "The Jewelry Shoppe," and I bought it for like $4 at Hobby Lobby in the finding's section (my new BFF). These are pretty popular; I picked up some earring versions as well.

4. Cover with Diamond Glaze. After the first glaze, what a few hours and glaze again to make sure you have a smooth finish. There are other products, but if you want a nice clear layer, this is quick and easy. If you want a really thick layer, get some of those mixes and prepare to have a lot of projects to fill in all at once since I think you use it all at once.

5. Wear it. When someone asks you about it, you can make all sorts of great stories up. From the simple, "I got it at a boutique for $50" to "The stamps were on the envelopes from love letters written between Churchill and FDR".

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