Monday, January 31, 2011

Pentel Brush Pen

May I say that I am in LOVE with my brush pen. Move over Adam! This brush is getting the other side of the bed! I love varying the thickness of ink, even to the point of excess. It lends a sense of emotion and dynamic. It also can make things messy and juvenile. Nice.

Also, the twenty minutes I spent with the rooster was awesome. I finally think I get the fascination with chickens.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sketchy Doodle and Sketch Crawl

I've gone out for two more events with Sketchy Doodle. It's nice to mingle with other doodlers and fun to chat with people that are new. The first is a "Drink and Draw," which was more like an "Eat and Draw" with cheese steak and peanuts. The second was my first Sketch Crawl! Hurrah! I've read about these so often, and did not really understand what they were. Basically, a date is given on and artists all around coalesce to a location (decided by someone with assertiveness). Then people draw and share their sketches. The valley artists met at Talking Stick Casino. Because I grew up in Sparks NV (near Reno), casinos are pretty bland and ordinary to me. I was shocked when I moved out of the state and the constant din of slot machines weren't in grocery stores. Anyway, I'll admit that the location was not of interest to me, but I made it a mission to find some interesting angle that did not scream casino. There was a neat chair set up with a curved patio that opened up onto saguaros and a cool outdoor hanging light with a backdrop of sandstone tiles on the building behind it. I cozied up and sketched with holiday Peet's Tea from the little coffee shop (with uber nice baristas! Though the guy dropped a pile of plates - bummer!) and listened to Speaking of Faith on my iPod. Later the sketchers shared their drawings and had lunch. They were all so nice - what a success!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Gathering dusties

My scanner is driving my nutso! However, I will push through. Soon I will be branching out of the watercolor world (out of necessity) and into good old acrylics. I've never really used them, so we'll see what happens.

Older stuff! Since the scanner is on hiatus, thought I'd put up some older scans I have not shared yet. I think the Light Rail guy is demonstrating that cut-off's are ALWAYS in. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

My first tutorial: Postage Bracelet

Originally uploaded by melbergink
I recently came to having loads of ancient stamps that the previous owners don't mind me crafting with. Yes, maybe one of them would be worth thousands of dollars and covering it with Mod Podge will destroy that (as seen with new fancy vanishes that produce hilarious "noooo!" faces on Antiques Roadshow). Ah well. I like the images and colors on the stamps more than cataloging them.

The neurotic individual in me is slowly dividing all of the stamps into color piles. There are a helluva lot of stamps. While going through them, I picked out some nature/organism stamps. These are surprisingly difficult to find! The vast majority have some dead guys head or a large number.

To make this bracelet:

1. Find stamps. I am a biology dork. Things with cells rule (not prison cells).

2. Glue stamps onto card stock using Aleene's Tacky Glue. I do this so the stamps don't buckle. In fact, I didn't do this for the red Kiwi stamp, and it buckled AND became translucent in parts. Boo. (Note: Can't see it in picture - haha)

3. Once dried, cut them up into squares to fit in the bracelet and set the stamps into the "frames." This bracelet's company is "The Jewelry Shoppe," and I bought it for like $4 at Hobby Lobby in the finding's section (my new BFF). These are pretty popular; I picked up some earring versions as well.

4. Cover with Diamond Glaze. After the first glaze, what a few hours and glaze again to make sure you have a smooth finish. There are other products, but if you want a nice clear layer, this is quick and easy. If you want a really thick layer, get some of those mixes and prepare to have a lot of projects to fill in all at once since I think you use it all at once.

5. Wear it. When someone asks you about it, you can make all sorts of great stories up. From the simple, "I got it at a boutique for $50" to "The stamps were on the envelopes from love letters written between Churchill and FDR".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Journal

I got a new natural-toned sketchbook last month and have finally started to add in to it. I want to draw with only gray tones and white. I picked up Faber-Castell's brush pens in shades of gray and two pens for white. One was a poster-paint Sharpie white and the other a gel pen. I'm still experimenting with what to use. I'd like to keep this journal mainly imagination based without references, but of course I already broke that rule. One of the drawings was a challenge from a student. He sent me a picture of a crazy car to draw. I did not have a pencil with me, so like my watercolor sketches I drew it straight with pen in the airport terminal waiting for my flight back to Phoenix. It was really, really hard. The other sketches are to keep my imagination active now that I am continuing my other journal that is all from reference.