Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love and Logic Conference Trip

Went to the Love and Logic conferences to brush up on my relationship/management skills. Learned a lot and came away with ideas - some for use, some to ponder. Anyways, I really tried to get in some drawing. During the second full day at the conference I had a hard time focusing (not much interaction at these things, they basically talked at us the whole day without discussion). Drawing helps me stay focused, so I brought my kit in case I needed it. The second day I was distracted for about an hour by a really annoying humming directly behind me. I tried to look around to see what it was, but got cold stares from the ladies behind me. It was after wondering what it was for about an hour that I checked again. The SWA drawing was a big step for me since geometric lines terrify me. Maybe I can try buildings again...

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