Monday, October 4, 2010

Students at work!

Oh no, I am starting to run out of back-logged sketches. This next week MPA teachers have off, and I plan to get my art on. This weekend I planned on going to the botanical gardens and drawing for hours as a birthday present to me, however, I ended up with food poisoning instead. I haven't had that type of reaction to food since the KFC incident when I was in middle school. I normally have quite the tough digestive system. My tonsils and allergies are my physiologically weak spot. ANYWAYS, botanical garden excursions will be moved to next week. This week I need to get through evals, exams, and projects to grade. Creativity must be put on the back burner temporarily. Unless it is teaching creativity, of course.

These drawing were from a few weeks ago when the students were working on a project that worked on their self-editing skills. In other words, I couldn't butt my nose in! To restrain myself, I sketched them at work.


  1. Super-nice hair on the long-black-haired girl!
    Fall break for me this weekend, I have some pipe dreams of actually making art... I hope.

  2. just how many left-handed students do you have? :) i hope you have the time to get your creativity on some day soon...mish you!