Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Time!

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Time to decorate for Halloween! Today I carved FIVE pumpkins with a theme of emoticons. If I am going to clean out five pumpkins, the carving must be relatively simple. I've never been an overly talented carver, so smarmy simple is more my style.

I also put two graves in the front yard, and Adam put hooks in to hang orange holiday lights (after buying a new power drill since the Craftsman drill broke after less than a year - grr). Adam went to many stores to get more lights, but most were out! Good thing we bought most of our supplies last week!

My costume is pretty much done, but no pictures will be shared until AFTER Halloween (prying friend's eyes must be surprised at our party!).

PS - Look at the "black" cat named Eleanor in the window!


  1. what a perfectly poised kitty! i love the emoticon idea...if i find a decent pumpkin here, i might copy your idea :P halloweens with you are the best. have fun! can't wait to see your costume!

  2. Just over at your photostream. Cuteness abounds! YOWZERS - As I am currently sitting in an apartment in San Francisco, this HUGELY loud voice on an outdoor speaker screams "THIS IS A TEST OF THE OUTDOOR WARNING SYSTEM." I so don't want to be in this city when the next big earthquake hits!