Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Hurrah! Our first official Halloween at HOME! It was so wonderful. Our party had everything from the U.S. Constitution to jellies to Pink Ladies! Add that to the awesome season that embraces weird makes Melanie very happy. I'll post up a few things over this week, but feel free to check out my Flickr account to see the pics!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Time!

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Time to decorate for Halloween! Today I carved FIVE pumpkins with a theme of emoticons. If I am going to clean out five pumpkins, the carving must be relatively simple. I've never been an overly talented carver, so smarmy simple is more my style.

I also put two graves in the front yard, and Adam put hooks in to hang orange holiday lights (after buying a new power drill since the Craftsman drill broke after less than a year - grr). Adam went to many stores to get more lights, but most were out! Good thing we bought most of our supplies last week!

My costume is pretty much done, but no pictures will be shared until AFTER Halloween (prying friend's eyes must be surprised at our party!).

PS - Look at the "black" cat named Eleanor in the window!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

MPA Monsoon Football

Hurrah! It was awesome to hang out at our own school to support the Monsoons. It was also neat because the game was right after parent/teacher conferences, so faces were more recognizable. That made it easier for mingling. It was also nice to see Mr./Coach Faint getting compliments from parents while he was there with his whole family!

The dragonflies were everywhere. It is clear that insects support MPA.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

An overcast day in Laguna Niguel

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Brought the camera to an outing in Laguna Niguel with a lovely overcast day. I really played with aperture settings the most. I love overcast days because shadows are softened, but they make for potentially horrific skies. Many pics were deleted, but I saved a few and posted them.

I am also learning how to use Photoshop Lightroom (henceforth LR), and was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the photos were well exposed. Checking my D90 histograms is starting to pay off.

I still can't SEE what I need to edit, but that will come with practice!

Trip to Barnes

I'm glad to see the traditions that I had when I was little carry on to our new little family. In other words, "going out" means hanging at Barnes and Noble. While I was there, I got "An Illustrated Life" by Danny Gregory. Inspiration ammo!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Desert Botanical Gardens

I finally got my trip to the DBG since I got a year long membership. This place rules. I could hang out here all the time. Rumor is there will be a chocolate and chile celebration this year!

When making entries I am finally trying to think about where they will be placed on the page. Hopefully my compositions will become more natural with time. I also want to incorporate words more. Finally, dates can look so sloppy and awkward, so I will be experimenting with ways to integrate them with the page. Too much thinking! Just draw!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Table? Chair? I'm a teacher, I don't know!

Okay, last week we had an in-service among all of the schools, so I got to hang out and discuss strategy with all of the biology teachers. It was great! Afterward, I waited in the lobby and drew this table. Normally I crop the image, but Jazz jumped up on the scanner while it was scanning. It was too entertaining watching him chase the moving magic light, so I left this uncropped.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Students at work!

Oh no, I am starting to run out of back-logged sketches. This next week MPA teachers have off, and I plan to get my art on. This weekend I planned on going to the botanical gardens and drawing for hours as a birthday present to me, however, I ended up with food poisoning instead. I haven't had that type of reaction to food since the KFC incident when I was in middle school. I normally have quite the tough digestive system. My tonsils and allergies are my physiologically weak spot. ANYWAYS, botanical garden excursions will be moved to next week. This week I need to get through evals, exams, and projects to grade. Creativity must be put on the back burner temporarily. Unless it is teaching creativity, of course.

These drawing were from a few weeks ago when the students were working on a project that worked on their self-editing skills. In other words, I couldn't butt my nose in! To restrain myself, I sketched them at work.