Monday, August 16, 2010

The "Blech" pages revealed!

I have two pages left in my sketch book - hurrah! Granted, the book wasn't the biggest in the world. I've already purchased the next one, and it has heavier paper to resist warping. Anyway, the nearly last pages of this journal are filled with sad, sad drawings where proportion has no communication devices such as the iPhone. Some pages I want to rip out and through away, but if I can learn from them, then they may be worth keeping. There was one page that did not survive that high notion and my primitive impulses destroyed it. I just have to keep drawing though. Just keep swimming!

BTW, I have not posted my favorite page yet in case the last two pages reveal nothing but a horrid (but educational) stench. I want to end on a good note.

Worst Coke can ever. I feel I shamed the brand that I am so loyal too! Yes, when I ask for soda at a restaurant I say, "Coca-Cola." When the waiter says, "Pepsi okay?" I say, "Water." I am one of those. I will conquer the look of a full-size can. My loyalty is on the line.

You know those glasses that eskimos wear so they don't sunburn their eyes? Apparently Adam does. And he wears them while playing Rock Band. Actually, glasses have always been terrifying for me to draw (as well as hats), so I have avoided them all my life. No more! Just avert your eyes until I get more practice!

Not consistent with the round perspective yet, but the dinner (red chile steak and beans by Rick Bayless) was DELISH. Ate the leftovers tonight. Totally love that Le Creuset pan too.

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