Friday, August 6, 2010


I am learning how black is really a cacophony of colors, but they are really hard to master. I made the choice not to include black in my travel palette because I have read that straight black will deaden a watercolor. Lively blacks are made from mixes. As an example of the color range for black, look at Wil Freeborn's raven.


  1. Oh wow, that's a lovely painting!
    I'm having what I think was your same dilemma - to work loosely or formally. I'm also learning that, shockingly, watercolors don't act like oil paints! Who'd have guessed? Instead of flinging myself into very composed pieces, I'm trying to slow down (speed up?) and mess up on practice paintings instead. Being an artist is hard! :P

  2. I know! I hate drawing people, and I tried the other day with a group of people (I'll post it later), which I assumed would bomb. It is loose and sketchy, but it completely captures the moment I was going to draw. Then I try to do that loose approach on something else and it just looks like a mess!