Friday, July 16, 2010

Smaller Canvas

So, I was desperately looking for some inspiration, and Tim Holtz gave it to me. I am so bored with my lack of backgrounds, but any drawing of backgrounds = distraction. I want my background to illuminate the drawing! Anyway, I am using some of his Distress Inks and got some stamps to practice with on tags. They are not incredibly intimidating - I can mess one up and through it away.

In testing, I discovered that Prismacolor, Sharpie, and Staedler pens are permanent even on Modge Podge, but Faber Castle are not.

I'm still working on the calligraphy and drawing to make these "bookmarks" more of my own. However, here are some results after playing with the stamps and inks.


  1. These are fantastic! That putzing table is going to good use!