Sunday, July 18, 2010

Roald Dahl books would not be the same...

Playing with stamp inks has reminded me that color can be fun. Instead of just using stamps, I want to use my illustrations as well. In the inspiration of two of my favorite illustrators, Quentin Blake and Beatrix Potter, I am practicing using inks and watercolor. This is new territory, so I have no established style. Do I stay loose with color? Because color adds more understanding to the image, do I get loose with the inking? Do I aim for a more scientific illustrator style? Shade with color or with pen? Both? So many options!
With the baby quail, just tossed in loose colors and added a general outline very quickly w/o thought.
With Eleanor, using the pen as a method to add texture. Fur has always been a challenge for me.With the bosun's whistle, I stuck to my normal style of inking. I can't resist playing with line thickness. Trying to get the look of metal with watercolors, but I need to be more bold with darker accents. It's nice to upload pics because I can see errors that I couldn't after staring at the actual illustration.


  1. Any one of these could be in a published book!

  2. Twenty "brand news" in the yard this morning!

  3. I have the same dilemma. I end up using the more formal style because I think of everything as a woodblock print, and also it "fixes" my lack of watercolor know-how.

  4. The Bosun's whistle is my favorite