Thursday, July 22, 2010

Play Drawing

Inspiration everywhere! It took me a whole summer to figure out how to relax and enjoy being creative. The purpose of art used to be for a purpose. A present or something useful or a tool for me to vent. I never really stopped to just enjoy the process and play. Everything needed to be a perfect finished "piece." Even my new travel journal! The perfectionist in me wants to have well-laid-out pages filled with deep and skillful images.

This afternoon I tried painting the sky and fell into the perfectionist habit again. One of the first things I am learning about watercolors is that you cannot overwork them. I painted layer upon layer of clouds until it became a formulaic, fake sky. The Simpson's theme was more realistic.

Frustrated, I flipped the page and decided to play. But whenever I observe something, it needs to be perfect! Unless I don't draw anything. So, I didn't draw anything, I made blobs of color. I played with puddles of water and pigments. And I enjoyed it.

Then, after that mental realignment, I sketched and painted my wind chime to enjoy its shape.

Note: This whole post was inspired just by reading a review of this book. I soooo need to get it once I run out of daily ideas (though maybe I won't!).

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  1. Oh. My. Exactly my frustration with photography right now. Always get the best shot when I become so bloody frustrated with trying to get the best shot that I just start shooting randomly. Run like Phoebe!