Friday, July 23, 2010

A House is Not a Home Unless...

My friend Jesse is finally settled into his newly purchased home and is have a house-warming party. I've been practicing my calligraphy, but without any pressure in a journal. I decided to take a quote and try to make the whole thing complete. Here is the result after writing it many, many times, cutting words out to decide on alignment, then writing it many times again. There are still loads of errors and inconsistencies, but this is my best so far. This quote really helped me improve (not yet perfect) my o's and s's.
After finishing the quote, then I wanted to age the paper a bit. In the process I gave it a big wrinkle. The horror. But I embraced the wrinkle, purposefully made some more for texture. I think it actually got better because of the "oops." Then I added a background and some happy stamps.

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