Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Field Watercolor Tin

Full Watercolor Tin
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Yes, I quit watercolors when I was younger because they were too hard and unruly, but now I want to JOURNAL. How hip and trendy of me. I want to squash the perfectionist in me and let loose with color, mistakes, and observations.

Anyways, it mainly is because I love big potential in small packages (which is why I collect card decks). After unsuccessfully finding the perfect tiny travel kit, I researched online and found this pretty common low-budget technique converting an Altoid tin into a palette with Fimo clay. I changed three things to most designs:
1. I made my wells rectangular instead of round because that maximizes the space. I used the side of the pencil sharpener in the kit.
2. Because I used rectangular wells, I saved enough space to put masking fluid, masking fluid applicators, and an eraser. I could take those out and fit a collapsible brush instead depending on my whimsy.
3. The lid of Altoids tins are now embossed, which leaves a lumpy mixing area. Not okay. So, I glued down a thick piece of paper shaped for the lid with Mod Podge. Then I put down a layer of "Royal Coat Dimensional Magic" to make it waterproof and a usable as a mixing area. I also experimented on a separate sheet of paper with diamond glaze and a gloss varnish, but the Royal Coat did not stain and wiped off the easiest.

This tin was added into a zippy bag with a pencil, pen, waterbrush (no water jars needed!), and an eraser. I'm hoping to gain the confidence and ease to not use an eraser/pencil, but baby steps people. This is a return to colors after 15 years. Watercolors = rebellious nomad that lives day-to-day and does not need to fit in the lines. Unlike myself. I pay my rent on time every month.

To see more details on how the full kit works, see the parts that allow me to hold the journal AND palette in one hand while leaving the other free for drawing here and in action here. Freekhand was the brains behind that. Finally, the complete package thanks to the technology of Ziploc.

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